Canberra here we come…. 🐨

In less than two weeks I’ll be heading to the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, Australia. Top-researcher Louise Burke and her group have invited me to join the Spudathon study: a study looking at maximale carb loading in elite marathon runners.

During the four weeks I’ll be training in (sunny) Canberra I’ll have a pre- and posttest (running economy, VO2max and 35K running test) with a 17 day CARBMAX intervention. Very keen to learn all there is about this intervention, its effect and the final outcome of this top-notch study. Hopefully it is the perfect preparation for the ITU long distance World Championships in Pontevedra in May.

In case you are interested, I’ll write a blog for about my experiences, hopefully sharing some video’s from down under .

Can’t wait to get there! 🏊‍♀🚴‍♀🏃‍♀

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