A team shared effort…

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It’s exactly ten years ago when I decided I wanted to become the best athlete I could ever be. Not hindered by any knowledge on training, nutrition or physiology. I simply knew I wanted to see how far I could come. From that moment on I tried to live as I thought elite athletes would do. Train hard, eat well, sleep enough. I switched from studying economics to fysiology, read everything I could find that was somewhat sport related and tried to find people who could help me with my journey. Some people have been there from the beginning. These people are probably unaware how much it means if others support you, believe in you and are willing to invest in you.

At the National Championships Duathlon I won my first ever gold medal on a championship. And, maybe ever more than for myself, I was so unbelievably happy and thankful for the people who have supported me. Duathlon really is not an individual sport. It is a team shared effort. And therefor a team shared joy.

Thanks guys: You make my world go round

Stijn Boek: The best fysio around. Keen to be the best he can, investing countless time and knowledge.

Rob Veer: The mental support. An honest and sometimes confronting mirror who taught me to listen to my body.

Leslie Pangemanan: Men, this guy can massage. Clench your teeth and come back with the freshest legs :-).

Stefaan de Vliegere: A coach who really throws me far, far beyond my comfort zone. I love it.

Odlo & especially Tessa Bos: Having a sponsor like this. Wow. Just wow. Too proud!

Hammernutriton & Buddy: Being able to go full speed to the end is Hammer’s gift which is greatly appreciated.

Beet-it Sport: My preferred breakfast three hours for a race: A beet-it bar. Just in time for the highest nitrate peak at race time.

Chris: Your support, love and trust. It almost hurts <3.

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